Phone calls

I'm on the phone several times a day at work. It's a very large part of my job to be able to pick up the phone and answer queries, etc, and to even make calls to other parts of the hospital and GP surgeries to ask them about things or let them know wacky shit is going on with their samples. I was kind of nervous about it at first because I'm not a big fan of phones, but I've been doing it for over three years now and don't give much of a shit about it at all any more. It genuinely doesn't bother me.

So why is it that making phone calls about important matters for myself still freaks me right the fuck out? I had the morning free due to my late shift, meaning I had plenty of free time to call the solicitors regarding the house and then deal with the estate agents when they called to see what the solicitors said. But the very thought of it made me feel so ill I had to pass it onto Mike to deal with.

I am total fail!pasta with fail!sauce on top.

Camp Nanowrimo

A lot of people I speak to think I'm crazy for doing Nanowrimo the once a year it used to come up. I can't think what they'd say if I said I was going to try doing it three times this year. Although it should be slightly easier in August since there's that whole lovely extra day to play with.

It's not really going to plan right now. I'm currently up to date for day one...and it's day four. Since it's early in day four I'm hoping to regain some lost ground this evening. But since I've got DnD this evening that's not looking particularly likely. My friendly DM has assured me he'll kill my character off quickly though so I can get back to writing. Very thoughtful of him.

Anyways, as it stands I've got about 1.8k. Better than nothing.

Epic rage!

I've just finished reading A Dance With Dragons.

There were a few characters I thought dead in earlier books that apparently weren't. Unfortunately there were characters I disliked and was very pleased to see go. Hopefully they'll die again and it will stick this time.

And there's this other character...I don't know if they died. They got attacked and looked to be dying. I'm not sure how they're going to survive the attack...but if they don't survive I am going to be seriously pissed. And maybe just quit reading at all.

So in conclusion: AARGH!

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I just got back from a week in Barcelona :D

It was made of awesome.

And airports are much easier to deal with when you don't have any checked baggage to worry about. Even more so when you end up at the front of the queue for passport control.

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Dear March,

February was a bit hit and miss as far as months went. Some of it was awesome and I'm gladly repeat it. Other moments I'd rather forget ever happened and would like to never experience again.

Can you guess which one unexplained diarrhoea and vomiting while feeling like death warmed up was? I assure you it's not a trick question.

And since I know you can read this, if any of you other months feel like turning this into a trend I will kick you in the teeth. You hear me April? I don't care if you are a practical joker, it would not be funny in the slightest.

Now if you excuse me I have to go be sick some more.

No love,

Initial thoughts on Safe House

You know what this movie needed? More gun fights, more car crashes, and more car crashes caused by gun fights. Because there were some bits of the movie that didn't have any of those things, which considering the content of the rest of it must have been something of a mistake.

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I'm tired and Sophie won't get here for another three hours. Booooooo.

Also my phone doesn't seem to have signal, despite the lady in the phone shop saying it should. Which makes me very glad I gave her the room number. I only hope she remembers it. Because fail phone!

I should do something constructive like writing while I wait. But I might just go to sleep instead and hope something wakes me up for her arriving.

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I am in Madrid! The flight wasn't too bad but it was a flight and therefore at least slightly sucky. I'm sure things will improve once Sophie gets here, but right now I'm not best pleased.

First thing is entirely my own fault. I looked up how to get to the hotel via public transport, but at the last minute I chickened out and got a taxi instead. Which I was expecting to be expensive but not as expensive as it ended up! Damn thing cost me almost 40 euros! I think there's some sort of extra charge for being picked up at the airport, but the airport website didn't tell me that bit.

Second thing is only one light in the room seems to be working. And I'm currently being too much of a fraidy cat to go down to the lobby and tell someone. Mostly because I'm half convinced that there's just some trick to it I haven't worked out yet. But I've tried every damn switch I can find in the room and only one light has come on from that.

But at least the wireless is working just fine. Although the way this day is going I'm half expecting to find that's suddenly costing extra.

Right...I should stop being chicken and go ask about the lights. Because while I can sit here and use my computer happily enough, the bathroom is currently pitch black and I was tempted by having a nice hot bath. Also, it's difficult to pee when you can't find the toilet. Wish me luck! And wish that the woman at the counter who speaks English is still there so my problem can actually be understood.

Edit: Success! There was a trick I needed. The room key gets slotted into a little box by the door to make the lights work. Not sure how I got one of them to work considering this but...*shrugs* at least it works now.

Next challenge: food!

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So...our DnD party seems to have blundered into a gay retelling of Romeo and Juliet with a tribal stereotype backdrop. And a giant scorpion.

Fun times.