Aginor: Biologist Extraordinaire (ariskari) wrote,
Aginor: Biologist Extraordinaire

A wild update appears...

Have I really not posted in here since the beginning of August? Damn...

Right then! I have happily moved into my new house. We've mostly unpacked all our stuff. There's still a few things in boxes that need to be picked out and put away, but there not very important things so can just be left there until we find the space to stash everything.

There were a few too many spiders when we first moved in, but since the numbers have died down significantly I think it was just a rather unfortunate case of the little bastards being disrupted by us moving things all around and coming out of the woodwork. They are apparently still living it up in the garage, but since I don't have a car I don't care a great deal.

But yes...we have a house, we're all moved in, we have a variety of kitchen is good! And I am starting my foundation degree next week. Back to coursework and exams. But at least I can sympathise with my little sister, who is heading off to University this weekend!
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