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I have a house! Well...I don't technically have the house until Tuesday when the completion date is. But I've paid the deposit, signed the contract, and the rest of the money is set to go forward on Monday so that the solicitors can get everything ready for completion on Tuesday. Woohoo!

Unfortunately this now means I need to get everything else sorted. Mike's said he's going to handle most of the bill related stuff, but since the Council Tax and Water bills are in my name I should probably get round to doing those.

I was hoping that I'd be able to use my shiny new Nationwide online banking service to do it but for some reason it won't. Fucking stupid thing.

And there is the unfortunate thing that I now have to pack up everything I own. And I hate packing. Packing to go on holiday is bad enough. But hopefully this is one of the only times I'll have to pack up my entire life. Gone are my days of flitting about to a new place of residence every year or so. Now I just need some boxes to make the job easier. Going to try and steal them from work.
Tags: life
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