Aginor: Biologist Extraordinaire (ariskari) wrote,
Aginor: Biologist Extraordinaire

Phone calls

I'm on the phone several times a day at work. It's a very large part of my job to be able to pick up the phone and answer queries, etc, and to even make calls to other parts of the hospital and GP surgeries to ask them about things or let them know wacky shit is going on with their samples. I was kind of nervous about it at first because I'm not a big fan of phones, but I've been doing it for over three years now and don't give much of a shit about it at all any more. It genuinely doesn't bother me.

So why is it that making phone calls about important matters for myself still freaks me right the fuck out? I had the morning free due to my late shift, meaning I had plenty of free time to call the solicitors regarding the house and then deal with the estate agents when they called to see what the solicitors said. But the very thought of it made me feel so ill I had to pass it onto Mike to deal with.

I am total fail!pasta with fail!sauce on top.
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