Aginor: Biologist Extraordinaire (ariskari) wrote,
Aginor: Biologist Extraordinaire

Camp Nanowrimo

A lot of people I speak to think I'm crazy for doing Nanowrimo the once a year it used to come up. I can't think what they'd say if I said I was going to try doing it three times this year. Although it should be slightly easier in August since there's that whole lovely extra day to play with.

It's not really going to plan right now. I'm currently up to date for day one...and it's day four. Since it's early in day four I'm hoping to regain some lost ground this evening. But since I've got DnD this evening that's not looking particularly likely. My friendly DM has assured me he'll kill my character off quickly though so I can get back to writing. Very thoughtful of him.

Anyways, as it stands I've got about 1.8k. Better than nothing.
Tags: writing
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