February 10th, 2012


(no subject)

While I'm sure it's all put together for simplicity to keep costs and the like down, and that my request probably doesn't appear all that often, it's still very annoying not to be able to book a flight for one person and a hotel room for two!


Considering what the other things going on, that this is the worst thing I'm personally dealing with right now means I don't really have much right to complain, but what is LJ for if not the occasional bit of self indulgent whining?

There is other stuff going on that's less self indulgent that I could whine about, but despite it having been an issue for about ten years now I've only even admitted it out loud once and I'm not sure I can manage doing it again.

Also my back is fucked right now. I need a new one. And possibly someone to hit me with a stick if I'm not sitting properly at my computer.

I am tired and rambly today. I should post something sensible over on Dreamwidth this weekend.